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Integrated Throughout the Process

From the very start, our engineers are involved in the development process and work closely in conjunction with the design team to develop practical concepts for merchandising displays and custom retail fixtures. This ensures our designs are value engineered right from the concept phase, so when a program is approved, we have the support to move into production quickly and efficiently. In today’s retail environment where most designs incorporate multiple materials, this up-front investment helps us deliver on time and on budget.

We have extensive experience engineering standard and custom retail display solutions for product merchandising displays. This includes individual store fixtures as well as category merchandising display programs supporting multiple brands. Our engineering staff has on average 10+ years of experience working with P.O.P. retail displays and store fixtures for brands.

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Value Engineering – Adds Value to Your Displays … and Your Bottom Line

Value engineering at Samaritan means improving functionality, reducing costs, and doing both whenever possible. Our value engineering philosophy doesn’t only look at the cost of your fixture or display program, but instead we look at the total installed cost and aftercare. For example, if changes to your store fixture saved you money but increased your installation cost by 50 percent, very little savings have been achieved.

In our definition, total installed cost includes:

The actual materials and manufacturing of the fixture

The packaging, shipping, potential loss and damage


Repairs and maintenance over the life of the program

We make sure any changes or trade-offs make sense.

Value engineering by Samaritan has translated into substantial savings for our clients – as much as 20 percent each year over the course of programs lasting several years. These results are the product of a deliberate and well organized approach to the process of value engineering.

A Disciplined Process – that Delivers Results

Here is an overview of our Value Engineering process:

1. Our client meets with Samaritan and our manufacturing resources to review any results to date. We establish goals and priorities, and define future production requirements and volumes.

2. Identify cost elements: materials, production processes, packaging, transportation, installation services, repair and maintenance, etc.

3. Define key performance parameters – what the fixture must do and for how long.

4. Look at key aesthetic parameters – design elements that cannot be changed or should not change.

5. Analyze major cost components to determine the factors driving those costs (e.g., weight or size may be the primary factor in transportation costs).

6. Create a list of options/alternatives to reduce the primary cost factors.

7. Options are assigned to team members to research and either validate or disprove the savings opportunity as appropriate.

8. Selected options are tested via prototyping or actual production sampling. In some cases field testing may be required.

9. The value engineering team evaluates final options, regarding feasibility, value improvement and any impact on the program.

10. Approved ideas are implemented and periodically evaluated for accuracy and findings.

Engineering Innovation

Packaged goods



Consumer electronics

Home and housewares

Office furniture and equipment

Office supplies

Automotive and aftermarket

The final result of this process is an improved product, manufactured in a design that meets the criteria of lowest total installed cost, and most importantly, meets all of the performance requirements.

It comes from systematic collaboration between our clients, our design and engineering teams, as well as our manufacturing teams. This collaboration has helped Samaritan achieve impressive results for our clients year after year.

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