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Leverage Samaritan’s Industry Knowledge of Retail Office Supply

The office supply industry is facing pressure on several fronts. Big box chains are trying to increase revenue, while consumers are purchasing fewer traditional office products due to the proliferation of digital devices instead of printed pages, binders, pens, etc.

Smaller office supply retailers are trying to differentiate themselves from the big box chains by offering specialized business services and a higher level of customer service, which adds costs and drives down margins.

Samaritan has Office Supply Industry Expertise

Learn how our team can help create an impactful Point-of-Purchase display for your retail business. Contact Samaritan today! - 847.882.7214

It’s important to have a good retail merchandising partner who understands this industry well and can help brands and retailers maximize their retail space and create retail merchandising displays that …

-Create consumer interest

-Help shoppers find the right products for their needs

-Inspire consumers to make the purchase (or multiple purchases)

Samaritan has expertise in the office supply industry and knows how to maximize retail merchandising displays to drive sales and increase revenue and profit margins.

With decades of experience, our designers use Samaritan’s Design Logic™, and a variety of design techniques – colors, fonts, graphics and product positioning – to create effective retail merchandising systems and P.O.P. displays that get consumers to stop and take notice.

An effective DIY custom P.O.P. display must attract their attention and inspire them to want to make the home improvement. Shoppers want to know that they can do the project easily and quickly and need to understand:Learn how our team can help create an impactful Point-of-Purchase display for your retail business. Contact Samaritan today! - 847.882.7214

P.O.P. Displays Drive Multiple Purchases

    One way is to create P.O.P. retail displays that encourage multiple product purchases from a category, such as colored markers and also cross-selling related products to increase basket share. Another is to create retail merchandising displays that communicate a premium perception of the product or category.

Retail Merchandising Systems Increase Margins

    Samaritan designers know that pens and writing instruments can be a commodity-type business. However, fine writing instruments can carry a much higher margin for brands and retailers, and when you present these products as premium writing instruments and allow consumers to try out the products to actually experience how much nicer these writing instruments are, it’s easy to convince consumers to trade up to the higher margin products.

In-store Merchandising Product Displays

    Another retail merchandising approach is to create product displays of a category with demonstration units so that shoppers can compare products side by side, versus ordering a product online that they can’t touch or try out. Even something as simple as staplers, can have a dramatic difference in how they feel in your hand. The feel and function can help a customer make a purchase decision.

At Samaritan, we create home improvement retail merchandising displays that help shoppers find the right products for their needs and inspire them to make the purchase as well as ancillary purchases of related products, supplies and tools. Our retail merchandising systems and custom Point-of-Purchase displays include cross-selling opportunities to help drive additional sales and increase revenue and profit margins for retailers and brands.

Learn how our design team uses its DIY industry experience to create the right retail Point-of-Purchase displays to help consumers take on a variety of home improvement projects.  Contact Samaritan today! - 708.863.8900