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As the sporting goods industry has grown, many retailers have specialized in specific sports categories, such as outdoor/adventure retailers, or stores that exclusively carry athletic equipment and sports apparel. Even specialized sporting goods retailers have thrived by focusing only on specific product categories, such as golf, soccer, fishing or athletic/running shoes.

While there is considerable diversification among sporting goods retailers, the sporting goods shopping experience in retail remains strong. According to the recent National Sporting Goods Association’s (NSGA) shopper insight study, sporting goods shoppers still prefer to shop physical stores, with nine out of 10 shoppers visiting a physical sporting goods store prior to purchasing a product, even among the tech-savvy Millennial generation.

Samaritan Sports Fanatics

Samaritan has in-depth experience in the sporting goods industry. Using our proprietary Design Logic™, we delve deep into understanding how a particular brand should be presented in-store. This requires a higher level of expertise to create effective in-store merchandising displays that get shoppers’ attention and help them engage with the brand.

Expertise in the Sporting Goods Industry

Samaritan has expertise in both equipment and apparel merchandising displays. Our designers understand how consumers shop for sporting goods and the purchase decision process. Learn how our team can help create an impactful Point-of-Purchase display for your retail business. Contact Samaritan today! - 847.882.7214

Equipment retail merchandising displays – this is a “hands on” category, and sports enthusiasts like to be able to engage with and try out a product before they make a purchase.

Custom apparel displays – Brand name products need retail merchandising displays that reinforce the brand perception and create an atmosphere similar to the environment in which the product will be used. For example, a display for rugged outdoor footwear should communicate the product’s durability and ability to withstand tough conditions.

Samaritan has extensive sporting goods industry expertise to help brands and retailers maximize the retail space with retail merchandising displays that feature engaging product displays to influence consumer purchases.

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